About Us

about us

The creative mind behind
Something Borrowed 

I LOVE all things vintage, rustic chic, mid century modern & boho!!

I’m an avid DIYer, I truly believe there is no quicker way to get your husband’s help then to hold one of his power tools in your hand

I appreciate a good dry wine 

Love a good to-do list 

When I’m not setting up or cleaning inventory, you can find me hanging out with my Husky Shepherd Toby, working on our apple orchard, or sharing a meal with my family

work with us

Nothing brings me more joy than letting people borrow my items to bring their visions to life.

Something Borrowed is the result of me wanting to share with like people my “junk collection” (as my dad would call it). It started off with me attending local actions and purchasing items I envisioned using to decorate my future milestone celebrations. When my boyfriend and I took a trip out east, he let me stop at any antique shop that wasn’t more than a twenty minute detour off the highway – yes I immediately married him for condoning my addiction. This quickly led to me overtaking my designated loft storage area in my dad’s barn, to not so designated areas. The day I married my husband he married my stuff too! 

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